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Drive-Thru Fall Fest

Spread the word! This Saturday, October 31, from 5-7 pm, we’re hosting a DRIVE-THRU FALL FEST on our church parking lot!!!

With traditional trick-or-treating being strongly discouraged this year (and what a hard year it's been), we want to provide a safe, contactless alternative to all families with children.

Wear your costumes and pack the whole family in the car! We’ll be giving away *FREE* sanitized baggies with wrapped goodies inside (prepared by masked and gloved individuals) to every child in your vehicle up to 6th grade. Just wear your face masks as you roll your windows down.

Also, for those who'd like a *FREE* family picture to remember Halloween 2020, we will have photographers on hand to take a picture of everyone in your car. All pictures will then be uploaded to a photo album on our Facebook page, where you'll be able to search for and download your family picture.

We can’t wait to see you in your costumes!

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