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Ministry Team

Marttell Sanchez 2_edited.jpg

Marttell Sánchez

Lead Pastor

Sandra Sanchez.jpg

Sandra Sánchez

Kids Ministry Director

Bob Mahaffey.jpg

Bob Mahaffey

Student Ministry Leader

Gretchen Hargreaves 2.jpg

Gretchen Hargreaves

Office Administrator

Executive Board

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Chairman of the Board

John Lattimore

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Congregational Secretary

Jerry Irwin

Shane Garroutte.jpg

Board Member

Shane Garroutte

Robin Otto.jpg

Board Member

Robin Otto

Cindi Sagan.jpg

Board Member

Cindi Sagan

Marttell Sanchez 2_edited.jpg

Lead Pastor

Marttell Sánchez

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Congregational Treasurer

Gary Akerstrom

Tom Kesey.jpg

Board Member

Tom Kesey

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Board Member

Danny Rosales

Our Pastor

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Marttell was born and raised in San Diego, California. He and his wife, Sandra, have two elementary-age boys and two German Shepherd Dogs. As a family, they enjoy movie nights, training at their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy, and going on hikes and adventures with their dogs. Marttell also loves books, plain vanilla ice cream, and pour-over coffee. You can usually catch him at Black Oak Coffee Roasters, his favorite coffee shop in town!

Licensing & Education

  • License for Ministry, Evangelical Free Church of America, 2018

  • M.A., Christian Ministry, Southern California Seminary, 2017

  • B.A., Biblical Studies, Southern California Seminary, 2012