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what to expect

Visit Us This Sunday @ 9:30 AM
750 Yosemite Drive, Ukiah, CA
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We have a large parking lot here at New Life, including several handicap spaces if you need one. From there, it's just a short walk to our Worship Auditorium, where you will be warmly welcomed by smiling faces. Grab a cup of coffee in the foyer on your way in, and feel free to sit wherever you'd like!


The attire that is generally worn is casual, but some like to dress up. It's completely up to you!


Upon arrival, parents and guardians can check in their children at our Kids Center. Once there, children enjoy a time of worship through song, a Christ-centered lesson, and activities and games, all within a fun, safe, and loving environment. More info on our Sunday and mid-week options for kids is available here. If you prefer for your children to remain with you, kids are welcome to stay with their families in our Worship Auditorium, too!


We wholeheartedly welcome all teens to worship together with their families and the entire church. For more information on our mid-week youth ministry, please click here.

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The music in our services is a blend of modern and traditional songs. Typically, will will sing a few contemporary worship songs along with a hymn or two.


We celebrate communion (The Lord's Supper) on the first Sunday of every month. It's a time that brings the good news of Jesus front-and-center in our hearts. After the sermon and during a time of singing, we're all invited to pick up the elements (Bread and fruit of the vine), and then we eat and drink them together in remembrance of Jesus.


After the worship service, prayer partners are available for anyone who needs prayer. And there is always more coffee (And treats) available in the Fellowship Hall to enjoy with others; it's a great way to connect and get to know others!

Planning to visit a sunday service?


Send us a message! We'd love to answer any questions.

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