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A Meditation for Christmas

The incarnation of Christ is such a wondrous thing. We’re talking about the One who made us—the eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing One—becoming like one of us (John 1:14; Philippians 2:6-7). From the moment of the miraculous conception, before there was even an umbilical cord or a tiny heart beat within Mary’s womb, the infinite Son began to experience—for the very first time—the limitations of those he created in his own likeness.

Why would he do this?

I don’t know a potter who would become clay or a sculptor who would become stone. And yet, Christ willingly and humbly took on human flesh. The primary motive my finite mind perceives is love, for it was only as a human that Jesus could represent us as our innocent, sinless substitute, experiencing for us the consequences of our own sin, and providing the ultimate sacrifice that would rescue us. It was all out of love.

This Christmas, appreciate the Lord more fully by remembering it was his great love for you that drove our Rescuer to a human womb, to dwell among us and to save us.


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