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A Simple "How To" Guide for Growth

As followers of Jesus, we're all on a growth pathway where God is transforming us from seekers who are curious about or hungry for Jesus, to life-long servants who emulate Jesus over time. In between, on that same pathway, some might be believers who are being fed by others, some might be disciples who are feeding themselves, and some might be kingdom builders who are reaching and feeding others.

Wherever you might be on this path (And it's always great to periodically or even frequently evaluate yourself), God isn't finished with you yet. He wants to continue to bring growth and transformation into your heart. And a simple way—and probably the easiest way—to experience spiritual growth and transformation is to engage in weekly and daily rhythms that foster your growth.

The idea is to commit to daily and weekly habits that welcome God's transformative work in your heart. First, by rhythmically committing to study, prayer, and worship in your alone time with God. Second, by committing to study, prayer, and worship together with a small group or a mentor/mentee. And third, by taking action that is catalyzed by God's leading through your alone time and your time with other Christians—action that takes the form of (a) life-changing obedience to God's Word, (b) service to others in your church and/or your community, and/or (c) missional outreach and care to "the one" person or family God is placing on your heart.

This week, try creating your very own growth plan. Complete the following statements: (1) This week, in my alone time, I will grow in my walk with Jesus by _____________________; (2) This week, I will grow with others or with another by _____________________; and (3) This week, I will take action and live like Jesus by _____________________. Then live out your statements and see how God might bring more growth to your life.

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