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Dear ones

What a special time it was for Nancy and me as we remembered Jesus' sacrifice on the cross with each of you during this morning's Communion remembrance.  It never gets old, nor should it, recounting this awesome event in human history, reminding us again God's amazing love for those whom He created. No wonder Jesus told his followers to never cease experiencing this sacred time together, until He comes again.

So good to meet and greet guests this weekend, who chose New Life as their place for worship.  Loved meeting one family who were on the last leg of a 7 day trip from Redding and now returning to Redding.  They escaped any damage from the fire that took place in their city and were quite interested in how we survived in our area.  How good it was to worship with these brothers and sisters, united with us in Jesus!  You blessed them, as they made their way back home, with a wonderful worship experience in their hearts.  Thanks!

Fall is almost upon us and several areas of ministry are launching; women's bible studies on Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings beginning on September 11 and 12th respectively, men's bible studies begin this Thursday and Friday mornings, and our Awana ministry resumes on Tuesday evenings, September 11 at 5:30 pm.  Check your Sunday bulletin or call the church office for more information.

Our Sunday morning prayer time @ 8:30 a.m. will be relocating this coming Sunday, September 9th, to the Fellowship Center. We have outgrown my office (YES!) and this location will better accommodate this special time we've been experiencing together.  Everyone is welcome, please join us when you are able.  

God speaks!  What a biblical and experiential truth this is... to know God personally and to hear Him speak.  In John 10, Jesus reveals that He speaks to His sheep (followers) and they hear, recognize and follow His voice.  Wow, this is really good news!  God speaks to us through His "living and action word", by His Son and through the ongoing ministry of the Holy Spirit, within us.  When there is a communication gap, it isn't coming from God but lies with us.  In this new series, "Can You Here Me Now?", we will be revealing from Scripture; why God speaks, how God speaks, when God speaks, why God seems at times to be silent and how God speaks when we are living in the midst of noise and chaos. It is always the right time to hear our Savior's voice, but as our church journeys through this important time of transition, it is critical that we hear from Him, with clarity and confidence.  Please be here each Sunday during this very significant teaching, bringing someone with you every week.

Nancy and I love you, we love being with you during this special time and I love being your Pastor! 

See you soon! :-)


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