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Help is on the way!


Help is on the way!  Well, my life is about to become more complete as I travel on Wednesday to Modesto, returning on Thursday, with my dear wife, Nancy (and our two kids, I mean cats!).  She is so thrilled to be joining with all of you in this journey we are traveling in the Lord, during these important days.  She has been overwhelmed by your kindness and hospitality experienced since we joined with you. You will soon discover why she is definitely the better half of our team, who I often refer to as "my secret weapon".  

This Sunday Morning @ New Life!  Sisters... no two are alike, they may fight like crazy when young, end up best friends later in life, or sometimes not.  One day Jesus was at the home of a family with whom he had become quite close.  The family included a brother, Lazarus and his two sisters, Mary and Martha. It was on this particular occasion that Jesus draws attention to these sisters, pointing out the differing response each had taken to his presence. Jesus loved these two women, and just like us, wanted to help them identify an important characteristic, that could either hinder or enhance their lives. Read ahead in Luke 10:38-42 as you prepare to worship and hear from Jesus this weekend at New Life!  

All Important Congregational Meeting!  Directly after our time of worship and the word on Sunday @ 11 a.m. we will be gathering to receive an important update about our ministry progress and what to expect in the months ahead during this significant time of transition as a church. I'm excited to be with you at this important meeting.

See you soon,  

Pastor Mike

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