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Loving Well at Christmas Time

For most of us, the Christmas season is an especially cheerful season. We look forward to heartwarming gatherings, spending time with the people we love, and seeing joy on the faces of those we give gifts to. But for some, the Christmas season can be a difficult season.

Of course, we can all rejoice in the incarnation of Christ, for the incarnation itself, which is the heart of the Christmas message, fills our hearts with good news that causes great joy (Luke 2:10). Yet, at the same time, even as we experience the joy of the incarnation, some of us also experience the sadness of loss, or the frustration or fear that comes with sickness, or the heartache of a broken relationship, or even loneliness.

This Christmas season, may we be mindful of those who are walking through a difficult time. Pray that God would comfort and guard their hearts with his peace, and see if there might be ways—even small ways—that you could show them kindness and love.

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