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Money Talks

I was reminded this week that it was a year ago this week that the Redwood Complex Fire started, burning 36,000 acres and resulting in the loss of 546 structures and 9 precious lives. Many impacted by this event are still in recovery; financially, relationally, emotionally and spiritually. Take time this week to pray and reach out to these dear ones, on what must be a very sad anniversary for so many. 🙏 

Last Sunday we participated in Church Multiplication Sunday, a national effort to inspire Jesus' followers to stay on mission, to reach out to others in love and to share the Gospel. We took time to reflect on Jesus' perspective towards people who need to know God, his compassion towards them, because they were, to him, like sheep without a shepherd.  Let's each allow God's Spirit to help us see others like Jesus, so that we too love them and reach out to them with a heart of compassion. Read, reflect, and pray from Matthew 9:35-38.  Expect God to hear and answer.

Let me ask you a question, "Have you ever heard your money talk?"  No, I'm not pulling your leg or losing my mind.  Our money talks, constantly feeding us inaudible messages, messages that can and do influence our life.  Our new teaching series beginning this Sunday, "Money Talks", will take us on a biblical journey, revealing the power and freedom that comes when we see ourselves in right relationship with what we possess. Find out why, beginning this week.  Bring your friends!

Thankful for your faithfulness!  See you soon.

Pastor Mike  


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