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Rest for the Restless

Recently, I purchased a “new to me” truck for my personal transportation. I found it at a dealership in the Bay Area. It took me three hours to get there, three hours to get back home, plus the hour or two it took to sign all the paperwork. Granted, it’s a used truck, and it was sold as-is, but I was assured it passed all the inspection points and that it was in great condition, so I bought the truck. You probably know what’s coming. About two weeks after I purchased the vehicle, I noticed an oil leak, and it wasn’t a small one either! Now, this could have all been a coincidence, but something tells me they knew about the oil leak before selling the truck to me, and—unfortunately—I now feel this particular dealership is untrustworthy.

In this fallen world we will be let down plenty of times. It's a given. But here's some good news: God will never let us down. What he says will always be true. What he promises he will always fulfill. He will always be faithful to his Word. He will always be trustworthy. "God is not human, that he should lie," states Numbers 23:19, "Does he speak and then not act? Does he promise and not fulfill?" The answer to these rhetorical questions is an emphatic "Of course not!" And this should give us great comfort and assurance, especially when we're tired and tried in this life.

Is there a situation or circumstance that has been leaving you restless lately? What promise of God can you cling to? Grab hold of it! Trust God at his Word. And find rest for your restless soul in his faithfulness to his Word.


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