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Resurrection Joy Isn't for Easter Alone

Another Easter Sunday has come and gone. If you're like most churchgoers, you likely enjoyed an Easter service that highlighted the beauty, importance, and joy of the resurrection of Jesus. It's the one day in history that changes everything for everyone who has trusted in Christ, and everyone who ever will. Sin and death are now conquered. The promise of new life in Christ is now assured. Everlasting hope is now available, and nothing can take it away.

But did you know all the joy that overflows from this one special day is meant not just for Easter Sunday? That's right! For the follower of Jesus, the significance of the resurrection, the anticipation it brings, and the joy it wells up is meant for all of life. We could say it this way: by definition, Christians are people of the resurrection, and that means every day is a day to be lived with resurrection assurance and hope.

Jesus is still risen. The tomb is still empty. Our Savior is still alive. And that means we, as his followers, can daily live in light of what he has accomplished for us, even after Easter Sunday has already come and gone. This week, intentionally focus on living out the resurrection life, even if your circumstances are telling you to live otherwise.

Scripture for Meditation

"Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?" (1 Corinthians 15:55)


Jesus, you have graciously conquered sin and death for me. Now I get to live in your freedom. Help me to remember what this means. Help me to live with resurrection hope, assurance, peace, and joy. Amen.

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