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The sound of children

Updated: Nov 8, 2018

Good News!

It was so encouraging to meet and greet families who were attending New Life on Sunday for the first time or returning after an initial visit.  The sound of children in the children's wing and then in the Fellowship Center, following the service, was so sweet to hear!  Awana continues to enjoy a strong beginning on our campus every Tuesday evening.  Thanks to Luayne and all of the servants who make this ministry happen week by week.  So grateful for those of you who have remained faithful to serve, give, pray and believe God, not only for what was, but what will be, as it relates to the impact of the Gospel, through New Life, in our community, region and world.  Its not over, the best days are yet to come! 

During our Sunday morning prayer time @ 8:30 am in the Fellowship Center we read and prayed out of Jeremiah 10.  It speaks powerfully of who God is, what He's like and how He works.  I encourage you to meditate in this sacred text this week as you draw near to God, intercede for the saints and share the love of Jesus with those around you. 🙏

This Sunday we continue our series, Money Talks, with the "Question of Security", investigating the relationship between our sense of security and our possessions.  It is a complex relationship at best. 🤔 

Mark your calendars now for a very important congregational meeting on Sunday morning, October 28, right after the morning service.  

Remember the Bible describes you as salt, light, the aroma of Christ, a letter from God, to those around you, who are in need of a Savior.  Make a difference this week in your circle of influence! 

Blessed to serve as your Pastor!



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