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What Are You Good At?

I was having a conversation with my children just the other day about the strengths and abilities God gives to all of us. "I'm good at sports," one of my boys said. "And I like music and singing along to songs on K-LOVE," said my other son. How about you? What are your areas of giftedness?

The Bible tells us that as followers of Jesus we're all individual members of one body, the church, and that each individual member is gifted and equipped to play a role in the body "for the common good" (1 Corinthians 12:7). Glance at the question above once more. What gifts and abilities has God given you? Are you a handy person? Are you good with children or teenagers? Do you have musical abilities? Maybe you're a techy person? Or an athletic person? Or a people person!

Here's the thing: we're all gifted in different ways... and no one person has all the gifts. This means your church needs you! So, what gifts do you have? And how could you use those gifts "for the common good" of your church?

This week, be encouraged to take some time to prayerfully think about how God has gifted you for the benefit of your church. Then, take some time to talk with your church's leadership about how you might be able to dive in to serve and bless others.

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