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When Waiting is Hard

Waiting can be hard. Take, for instance, the life experience of Abraham in Old Testament times. When God called him and made extraordinary promises to him (Genesis 12:1-3), including the promise of many descendants (Genesis 15:5), Abraham was already 75 years old (Genesis 12:4) and childless. It wouldn't be until Abraham was 100 that the child God had promised him would finally be born (Genesis 17:17; 21:5).

Can you imagine having to wait that long—25 years—for the fulfillment of a promise? Sometimes I struggle waiting just two minutes for a Hot Pocket to be microwaved! But here's the beautiful lesson from Abraham's experience: God is a faithful, trustworthy promise keeper and provider. This doesn't mean he's a genie who gives us all we want in due time. Ultimately, he knows what's best for us. Sometimes, this means not giving us what our hearts desire... or leading us through a season of wait.

If you've been waiting on the Lord for some provision, keep trusting him. And remember: even the wait is a gracious gift from the God who knows what is best for you.

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