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Why It's Always Right to Do Good to Others

On Sunday, one of the main lessons we learned from Jesus' interaction with the man with a disabled hand (Mark 3:1-6) was that it's always right to do good.

In the narrative, Jesus did what the religious establishment of his day couldn't do: namely, to see someone who needed love and compassion, and give them just that. Of course, the religious leaders of Jesus' day took issue with Jesus' healing because it occurred on the Sabbath. But Jesus made it very clear that doing good to others is not a violation of the Sabbath. In fact, doing good to others highlights the heart of the law, which boils down to loving God and loving our neighbors. But more than this, doing good to others reflects God's character and nature, because God himself is always good. This is the reason why it will never, ever be wrong to do good to others.

This week, ask God to help you go around "doing good" to others (Acts 10:38), just like Jesus did. Be careful with the rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, etc. in our own culture that tell you not to do good to someone who needs love and compassion. Regulations were pitfalls to the Pharisees; don't let them become pitfalls for you. Of course, we also need wisdom so that we don't further hurt people by helping them in unhelpful ways, but we can always aim at expressing compassion in some way, and you won't be wrong in doing it.

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