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Amazing Love

One of my favorite songs is You Are My King (Amazing Love), written by Billy J. Foote. The chorus of the song asks a truly reflective question: “Amazing love, how can it be that you my King should die for me?” It’s a question that captures the awe of Jesus’ unfailing love. As the faithful One, he dies for the unfaithful. As the righteous One, he dies for the unrighteous. As the innocent One, he dies for the guilty.

It might seem incomprehensible that such undeserving people would be recipients of such great love, and yet that’s exactly what the gospel assures. In the end, Christ doesn’t leave us in our brokenness, our shame, or our failure. No, he will “leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep ” (Luke 15:4). And how does he come after us? By going to a wooden cross, painted red by his love for us.

This weekend, remember how Christ has displayed his unfailing love for you. Rest in that love. Rejoice in that love. Respond to that love. “It’s my joy to honor you,” concludes the songwriter Foote. May that be our response, too.

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