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Help, I Need Some Motivation!

It’s been a busy summer. For some of us, it’s even been exhausting. Our calendars have been packed with travels, family activities, and even church events. And now, with the new school year upon us, a lot of families are getting ready to return to the pace of "normal" living. Amid busy seasons in life, how do we motivate ourselves to continue steadfast in the Lord?

Surely, there are many good motives. But here’s a clear one for us all: our love for Jesus Christ. In John 21:15-17, Jesus asks Peter three times if he loves him. When Peter responds that he does love Jesus, Jesus instructs Peter regarding what he’s to be faithful in. It’s significant to note that one of the primary motives for faithfulness is… our love for Christ!

At times we’ll feel tired. Or people might fail us. Or we’ll even feel disillusioned in church life, family life, or work life. During those times, let’s remember that one of our primary motives for steadfastness is our love for Jesus. It will always sustain us.

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